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Welcome to the Web site of Amelia Garretson-Persans. This site is best experienced in a browser that is not Chrome.

The Kickstarter for the book compiling all installments of "Notes from the 422nd Annual Wraiths for Writing Conference" is alive and launched. Check it out HERE.

The finale of this very same series can be read HERE.

ALSO, "Greater Secrets" is now for sale on ETSY.
Greater Secrets is a collection of hand-designed, screen-printed tarot cards inspired by the symbols that have occurred and recurred in the artist's own life. The images have been culled from memories, dreams, and fears and hopes for the future. Though the images are personal, the idea of creating one's own symbolic vocabulary is universal. In an era ostensibly devoid of superstition, Garretson-Persans hopes to remind viewers that our everyday experience is filtered through our own sense of meaning or our own cryptic code.